The Gwentlemen Invitational continues: Week 5!

Week 4 of The Gwentlemen’s Invitational was an intense one, ramping up to a big Week 5 as we get closer and closer to the playoffs! Check out the results for Week 4 below:

For Week 4, the highlight match was:

BLUEWHALEPARANOIA vs. MASHEDPOTATOESWITHTHICKGRAVY: Two teams of strong ladder players go head to head another exciting series! This serious matchup is casted by community member Hercules & veteran caster HG3.

Head on over to the Gwentlemen Twitch channel for the full cast!

The bracket for Week 5 of the tournament can be found below:

Tune into the Week 5 cast on Tuesday, September 5th at the standard time of 2pm EST/8pm CEST for more legendary TGI competition!

100% of all donations given to Gwentlemen for the duration of the tournament will be added to the prize pool, so every penny given directly ups the ante for everyone involved. The prize pool is up to over $900, so the hype is growing!

The full list of players and teams is visible here.

For more general information on The Gwentlemen’s Invitational, see below:

With a total of 50 teams, each consisting of 3 players, TGI includes some of the biggest streamers, most popular content creators and the best competitive players across the Global Gwent community!

Each week, two series will be cast by on our Twitch channel by popular streamers, community members, and other special guests! The games will also be cast in Polish, Russian, French and Portuguese on their local Twitch channels simultaneously to the primary Gwentlemen broadcast.


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