The Gwentlemen's Invitational reaches its end!

The Gwentlemen’s Invitational came to a spectacular conclusion in a playoff series fraught with upsets and excitement! Check out the final bracket below:

Head on over to the Gwentlemen Twitch channel for the full finals cast, featuring Gwent Finland vs Team Pixie, Gwent Finland vs TeamGFR, and the spectacular finish between Team Pixie and the6thfaction!

The legend has not yet reached its end - stay tuned for a special FINAL BOSS exhibition match between the TGI victors, Team Pixie, and CDPR’s Rethaz himself!

100% of all donations given to Gwentlemen for the duration of the tournament were added to the prize pool, with the total prize pool reaching over $1000 for the event! A huge thank you to our community for generously expanding the prize pool and making it a great experience for the players!

The full list of players and teams that competed is visible here.

TGI will return later in the year, with many returning veterans and fresh faces! If you’d like to receive an invite to the next TGI, send an email to with the tag “TGI Petition” with the following information: -Name, GOG username, Discord handle -Country of origin -Brief explanation of why you’d like to participate in the next TGI: do you represent a specific municipality, region, country, or nationality? Do you come from a specific Gwent-related organization? Do you represent a playerbase coming in fresh from another game? Are you a Twitch streamer of Gwent (or something else)? Let us know and we’ll put your hat in the ring!


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