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In this week’s Gwentlemen Talkshow we have special guests Insangpha and Merchant. Insangpha is a new Gwentlemen affiliate and Twitch streamer known for promoting Gwent in Korea, and his rise to prominence as a free to play player. Merchant is an established youtuber, streamer, and shoutcaster known for his manly voice and the number 1 beard in the Gwent community. In this week’s episode, we chat with Insangpha about Gwent in Asia compared to the west, and his experiences with streaming. We talk to Merchant about growing as a content creator and his experiences in game development. We discuss Gwent’s development and game design decisions, what we like and what we would change, and talk about what future content we expect. We round out by talking about the upcoming GwentSlam #2, who we hope will win, and what decks we’d like to see.