The Gwentlemen Talkshow: TrueDawn - 26 October 2017

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In this weeks Gwentlemen Talkshow we have special guests TruedawnFM. Truedawn is card game coneiseur with experience in games like Eternal as well as Gwent. He’s a Twitch partner along with being a competitive player on the proladder. This week is all about the leaks as we discuss new cards coming to Gwent in the next patch. We have 6 different cards to talk about with Truedawn, as well as speculation on future card effects. We chat with Dale about his trip to Twitchcon, and talk about the upcoming GwentSlam 2 tournament. We round out by announcing TGO Harvest a open gwent tournament with a $500 prize pool. Sign up here - http://http//

For more from Truedawn you can find him on twitch.


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