Value Foltest

There are certain decks which seek to actively abstain from convoluted combos and synergies. These decks tend to focus on points and points only, trying to simply outvalue their opponent. After all, what does it matter what your opponent plays or how they try to influence your board, if you, simply put, have more points that they do?

Many of these decks found their home under the wing of the late Temerian royalty, King Foltest. After all, his leader ability is nothing but an unconditional “make more points” button, so it shouldn’t be surprising that point-hoarders like him so much.

Though it can be described as an archetype, it would be more apt to say that “Value Foltest” describes two different decks that play slightly differently, yet are both the exemplification of the same idea - playing as many points as possible. Thus, we’ve decided to arrange them under one banner, but make no mistake - they’re quite different beasts.

Trebuchet Foltest

  • Powerful tempo plays
  • Extremely easy to play

  • Slightly awkward mulligans
  • Early game can be easily disrupted
  • Very predictable

Archetype Explanation

Just when everyone thought that this meta got completely solved, a new contender rose to the challenge - a Foltest deck which does nothing more than play for maximum value. There isn’t a place for weather clears, silver spies or any other shenanigans - the king of Temeria cares about points and points alone.

This list utilizes a Temerian Card package of Blue Stripes Commandos + Blue Stripes Scouts and Temerian Infantrymen. With the Foltest leader ability, 3 Blue Stripes Scouts turn into a staggering 47-point power-play that also creates crewmen pockets which empower your Trebuchets and Siege Towers. Even more than that, they turn Infantrymen into a single-card 21 power play, which can be completely devastating in the extremely short round.

There is not much else to say about the deck. You won’t find any complex sequencing that makes this deck hard to operate. It’s simple, straightforward and rather fun. There are, however, a few words which can be said regarding the deck’s weaknesses. As with all decks that utilize the Temerian package, mulligans can be tricky - at a minimum, you have five bad draws and, if you got “lucky” enough to draw all three silver Tactics, also a dead 7 point gold. Should you dodge all bad mulligans this list cycles through its cards with extreme efficiency, and you will find yourself thinning to 0 cards almost every game. As much as this thinning is advantageous for consistency, it can also backfire - cards that make you draw more than you want to, like Avallac’h or Albrich, even if only played once, can make you overdraw and turn your Djikstra into -4 power gold.

Last, but not least, due to how straightforward this deck’s gameplan is, it becomes extremely easy to predict. A skilled opponent can easily disrupt your early game by stealing or eliminating, for instance, your only Blue Stripes Scout, making the early game extremely awkward, as you’re then unable to thin out your deck properly. More than any other deck, it finds little to no room for deviation. Thus, even the slightest disruption can go a long way into ensuring this deck’s failure.

Sample Decklists:

ZenPie’s Value Foltest

The ZenPie’s list was the one which, perhaps, brought this archetype to the spotlight most directly and this is the exact list you’d probably encounter on the ladder. Honestly, there’s nothing much that can be further explained about this list. Just make sure that you don’t brick your Natalis or Temerian package and you will get a smooth and enjoyable ride through many of the ladder rankings.

40 Card Foltest

  • A huge tempo potential
  • Nearly unstoppable if the stars align

  • Extremely complicated mulligans
  • Games often completely decided by the starting hand regardless of mulligan

Archetype Explanation

Also known as Casino Foltest, and for a good reason - with this deck, you either hit the jackpot or go broke and try to explain to your loved ones where all of your hard-won MMR has gone. While every other deck is hemming and hawing over which bronze card they should cut, this archetype just decides to stuff them all in. Every card is unique, after all, and it’d be impolite to exclude them from the fun.

When talking about this decklist, it gets rather hard to say which its staple cards actually are as it includes almost all notable Northern Realms bronzes. There are several cards which are prevalent in this deck’s many variations. Even the luckiest players don’t want to rely on the luck alone and thus “hand fixing” cards, such as Ban Ard Tutor and Ves, are frequently included. Thaler is also a common guest in this deck as he enables an easier way to summon your Dun Banner Light Cavalries from the deck.

Obviously, this deck’s worst enemy is itself. More often than not, the Casino Foltest player is more concerned with the state of his hand rather than with whatever their opponent is doing. And it’s understandable. After all, if the player gets their perfect hand, there’s not much that the opponent can do - they will simply get outvalued. A cunning adversary can use this knowledge to their advantage and can try to mess with Foltest’s hand by either passing early or playing cards like Avallac’h that can mess up the draws.

With more than a little bit of luck and skill, this deck can be a terrifying weapon in the hands of the strong player. As long as you manage to dodge all bricks, your opponents won’t have any other option but to yield to the glorious Temerian march.

Sample Decklists:

Rocketeer_ 40 card Foltest

20th Rank is a formidable achievement for the deck with such amount of variance. The creator of the list, Rocketeer, tries to minimize the number of bad hands you potentially can get by inclusion of both Ban Ard Tutor and Ves, both cards giving you an ability to shuffle some cards around and to get closer to the cards which you actually want. The Royal Decree as 4th gold also ensures that the heroes won’t get as easily lost in the great sea of bronze.


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