Veteran Skellige

  • Large number of high-point plays

  • Strong long AND short rounds

  • Extremely draw dependent

  • Lack of tempo burst options.

Archetype Explanation

If the weary warriors are to be believed, Zerrikania is a truly marvelous place. Either in hopes that they will share their secrets or simply out of realization of their potential, more and more players are starting to flex their Veteran muscles - despite how ironic it might sound, Veteran Skellige is truly a new kid on the block. The card has been added to the game a long time ago but it seems that only now it got its time to shine in the spotlight of the ladder meta.

Harking back to the old days of Gwent, where not many cards had flashy abilities, Veteran Skellige is all about raw value. Veterans are beefy cards by themselves but they also strengthen your Skirmishers which are intended to be powerful round 3 finishers. It's not the only card which benefits from Veterans' wisdom as all cards with Tuirseach tag grow stronger in their presence - a fact which can remedy Bran's laughable 2 point base power and also can turn Birna Bran into a scary 10 point tall card that also deploys weather.

The main drawback of that deck is that the game's outcome can be decided even before it began, as if you don't draw any Veterans, you're completely locked out of your early game plays. The new addition of Battlemaidens remedy the issue a little bit but even that card can't pull Veterans out of thin air, it needs at least one to work with.

Additionally, while the deck is certainly capable of generating huge numbers, it takes a long time to get there, and it can be easily outpaced by sprier competitors. And, there's also a traditional Skellige's curse of being vulnerable to the graveyard hate, Veterans even more so as they rely on playing very tall units.

Still though, if you manage to look past those drawbacks, Veteran is a very powerful deck and if you're looking for something new play, this archetype will be right up your alley.

Sample Decklists:

Kochua’s Veterans Day Skellige

Kochua decides to mitigate Veteran’s lack of early tempo by playing Crach en Craite as a leader. While he loses some natural synergy with Bran and Veterans (the former having Tuirseach tag), he gains both a huge tempo opener, and a guaranteed carryover in shape of Olgierd. That carryover might prove to be crucial, as it prevents drypass and lures the opponent into playing out round 2, giving Veterans exactly what they want - an extremely short round 3.

[Team Aretuza] #1 SK ValueTown Veterans

Deck from shinmiri, a member of Team Aretuza, seems like a combination of a good old Harpooner Skellige and a Veteran Package, which essentially turns it into a value, or as players would say “good stuff” deck - a deck which opts to play the highest value cards in lieu of card synergies.


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