Weenie Swarm

  • Strong combo potentials

  • Very high tempo swings

  • Vulnerable to hard removal (Thunders / Scorches)

  • Can sometimes brick

  • Requires setup (dependant on Siege Supports)

Archetype Explanation

Peasant Swarm relies on the synergy between swarm strategies and Kaedweni Siege Support, using the latter as a central piece of its strategy. Everything else in the deck is dependant on getting Siege Supports to stick, so they can then buff all the bodies entering the board.

The gold slots are taken by the classic Northern Realms trio of John Natalis, Djikstra and Shani to simply provide reliable, consistent value. The last slot is taken by Yennefer to double down on the swarm strategy or a card like Geralt: Igni to simply play for value.

As most of the suboptimal decks in the current format, one of the deck’s weaknesses is the inability to keep up with finishers like Joachim de Wett. Saving a Djikstra for a finisher is unreliable at best, and Shani doesn’t provide you with enough value. Cards like Alzur’s Thunder, Muzzle or anything that can remove your Kaedweni Siege Supports from the board can prove problematic - as can cards like Lacerate or Merigold’s Hailstorm.

Sample Decklists:

Swim’s Peasant Swarm

Gwentlemen Swim’s Peasant Deck uses the classic Northern Realms core of Blue Stripes Scout and Commandos to swarm the board, but adds Kaedweni Siege Support and cards like Germain of Fox Hollow to double down on the amount of bodies it can put out. Usinn Foltest as the leader, it maximizes the value of the bronze cards it plays, and then plays as many of them as it can put out as fast as possible.


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