Archetype Explanation

Long a staple of the Monsters faction, Wild Hunt have received several changes as well as a new toy this patch. This archtype revolves are the Wild Hunt Tribal tag, using synergies within the tag as well as an overall synergy with Biting Frost to gain advantages over the opponent.

While we did see Caranthir and Wild Hunt Hound receive small nerfs this patch, the Wild Hunt received two big upgrades. The first is the upgraded ability on  Wild Hunt Warrior, making it an unconditional 11 point bronze when used to kill a unit or when it damages a unit under Biting Frost. This lets it go toe to toe with the best bronzes in the game as well as make it a potent removal option. Along with this is the surprise success of Wild Hunt Longship. While it may not look like much at first, the Longship has a powerful effect that boosts all other Wild Hunt units you control by 1. When multiple Longships are stacked in a round they can produce obscene point totals.

Similarly to metas of the past, Wild Hunt decks have the most success when they are able to play two long rounds instead of having to spread their resources over three rounds. This gives maximum value to the weather effects they play, along with cards like Wild Hunt Longship that require some setup time. If they are forced into expending resources throughout rounds 1 and 2 however, the archtype lacks high tempo plays like Northern Realms or Nilfgaard and can be in danger in round 3.

Sample Decklists:

Gwentguy's Wild Hunt Frost

Gwentguy brings a more old-school Wild Hunt list to the table. He eschews Wild Hunt Longships in favor of the new and improved Wild Hunt Rider. In conjunction with a suite of movement and weather effects this deck looks to grind out long rounds and leave your opponent with no options on board. Renoval options like Imlerith, Artifact Compression, and Nithral make it difficult for even the bulkiest threats to remain.

Oceanmud's Boats n Crones

Packing his trademark Crones, oceanmud is packing the full playset of Wild Hunt Longships in his newest build. Combined with Crones, Wild Hunt Hound, and Wild Hunt Navigator, he has a strong and synergistic core that can also thin his deck well, allowing him to hit his powerful golds like Imlerith and Eskel. Operator and Eredin allow for up to five Wild Hunt Longships, which can lead to massive boards your opponents are simply unable to handle.

vishra's Movement Wild Hunt

This list cuts down to the very core of the Wild Hunt package, utilizing Eredin and Caranthir to get Biting Frost on one or more rows each round. This light-weight package gives the deck room to run both punishing movement effects as well as removal in the form of the Rotfiend/Cyclops package. Combined with Merigold’s Hailstorm this deck can manipulate point totals from any  row.