World First Gwent Open: Infographic and Recap

This week, the world’s first official Gwent Open tournament took place during Gamescom 2017 in Cologne, Germany. Eight players battled for the title of the first ever Gwent Open Champion. Seven of those were the top ladder players. One player, Shaggy from Austria, qualified through the Wild Card Tournament which happened on Thursday, August 24th.

The Quarterfinals were played out on Friday 25th where Shaggy, Duofanel, SuperJJ, and J0rah were able to beat ChaiNCalleR, eiSloth, Hanachann, and Lea92Fra respectively. The Semifinals and the Finals took place on August 26th. In the first semi, Wild Card winner Shaggy was dominant over the Polish hope Duofanel. The expected Winner was SupperJJ, but his fellow German J0rah eliminated him in the second semifinal. In the end, the underdog Shaggy was crowned the first Gwent Open champion winning the finals in a decisive 3-0. Congratulations to Austria!

You can see the tournament statistics in the infographic below!


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